Showcase Information

Talented Kids connected Talented Kids with performance opportunities in the Central Okanagan.
We invite all Talented Kids to come and audition for one of ten top spots on Feb 22nd at the Laurel Packinghouse.
Judges will be: Dorothee (Fat Cat Festival), Robert Fine, and Noel Wentworth
All acts recieve feedback from the judges and an online video of their performance.



The top ten acts will recieve
- Career development workshop by Creative Okanagan (hosted by Ryan Donn).
- One or more paid performance opportunities at the Fat Cat Festival, Music in the Park, Parks Alive, and Canada Day.
= Added to our recommened performer list for 2013 (we will suggest the Top Ten Talented Kids for other performance opportunties Kelowna and West Kelowna.

Each performer has the stage for 5 minutes with a 2 minute set up time.
Please email any questions to

1) Can I perform with my band?
No this year we are limiting it to one instrument (guitar, piano, cello, etc) per act.
If your interested in a full band showcase/competition please look into Our Kids have Talent in Vernon or Castanet’s Garage Band.

2) I have a backtrack can I use it?
Yes please bring your MP3 player with you ready to plug into the input on stage.

3) Why is there a registration fee?
In aiming to provide the best experience we wanted to provide the Talented Kids with a state of the art sound system and professional stage and lighting. The registration covers the cost of the venue.

4) What happens if the judges choose me as one of the top Talented Kids?
You will be invited back for an exclusive showcase in front of the booking agents for Parks Alive, Canada Day, Westside Daze, West Kelowna’s Music in the Park and the Fat Cat Festival.

Emailed questions:

5) a) My daughter would like to try out for the audition on Sunday but we’re wondering if her father could play acoustic for her? Yes that would be considered the same as a backtrack that other talented kids are allowed to use.
b) Can her dad sing background vocals for her? She would be auditioning as a singer so its best to let her voice be the focus and have her voice the only one heard on stage.
So yes to guitar accompaniment but no to singing with her. This allows her to be the focus of the performance.

6) Will there be an amp, mic stand, keyboard?
Yes we will have all the above there. If its another instrument you will need to bring that.

7) What is the objective? is this for an agency?
The goal is to connect talented kids with performance opportunities. This is not for an agency. The top talented kids will be invited back for an exclusive showcase in front of the booking agents for the events noted above.

3 thoughts on “Showcase Information

  1. My daughter would like to compete with dance. If her dance school is dancing at most of those events….can she still compete with a solo.


  2. My daughter has her own background tracks on a cd that she has produced. Can she use this instead of an MP 3 player? We don’t even use that anymore -

    Also, can a drum set be provided?

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