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  1. My daughter is really (!!!) wanting to audition but we are away until March 23rd. Just wondering if there is any way she can audition on another day or is March 18 the only option? Thought I would inquire for her as she is so disappointed. Thanks!

    • Hi Karin, heartbreaking comment. Yes at present time it is the only planned audition. We are aware that this is happening during spring break (which has limited access for a number of students). I can offer you the firm commitment that if there is a larger appetite that we can accommodate this year we will greatly expand the event next year.
      That said, ff there are an overwhelming number of talented kids arrive tomorrow then we will seriously look at doing it twice but at this point its not in the plans. We are going to able to accommodate 30-35 kids tomorrow (based on time and venue constraints), Ryan

  2. When and how will the results from Sunday’s auditions be posted or contacted? Are all participants contacted regardless of placing?
    Thank You

    • Hi Darryl,
      I expect that the top ten will be announced a little later this week. We will post it on the site first and then email once we have a moment.
      After the top ten are announced we will work at getting the videos’ uploaded to this site (a couple weeks will be needed for that).
      We will then be sharing the videos with the booking agents. I expect that within a month the top ten talented kids will be getting contacted by various booking agents offering them performances.

      If any parents want the feedback that the judges gave simply email after the top ten are announced.
      Keep sending any questions.

  3. I registered my daughter for the auditions on March 2nd. She will be doing a vocal performance and I was wondering what is required for music. Thanks!

  4. Hello Ryan and crew (I assume)

    We are excited that you are providing this opportunity once again for these young artists. I am just wondering (and hoping) if you are providing time slots for the performers for this coming Saturday.Please let us know, we are hoping that she can perform closer to 10 if possible.
    Cheers, Shelley

  5. Will there be a drumset available? My daughter sings and drums – I sent a message last week and have not heard back before we register.

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